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About Us

Peter Ziamandanis (Peter Z) started Z’s NoBendz by creating a patent pending snow shovel to help solve the crippling issue of back pain and injury. From there the company decided to expand to additional product lines that help customers avoid back injury and pain caused by bending down as they do various household chores.

Peter Z’s NoBendz Products company is dedicated to helping people everywhere in two very important ways. First, we are committed to eliminating back pain and injuries that are the result of doing household chores. Everyone knows the human body was never designed to remain in a bent over position for long periods of time, especially while lifting.

Mopping floors and shoveling snow are two of the most common causes of back pain. These are agonizing tasks that everyone dreads because they put an enormous amount of stress and strain on the user’s lower back, creating a disturbing amount of pain that can unfortunately last for several days after those arduous and monotonous routines are completed. This is where NoBendz comes in, we have a solution for you!

According to the latest census report there are about 7.5 billion people in the world. That means there are hundreds of millions of people who mop floors and shovel snow and inevitably end up with adverse health issues as a result. The original mop handle design first patented in the U.S. in 1837, believe it or not, looks just like the mops we use today – a mop head attached to a long straight handle that forces the user to bend at the waist while mopping. No one has tried to solve that horrible problem for hundreds of years. 

This is the first Patent for a mop handle from 1837 and it hasn't changed in 182 years.

The same goes for the snow shovel. While many companies have attempted to reduce the strain and pain from bending over while shoveling snow, not one of them has succeeded – UNTIL NOW! With our dynamic new design, The NoBendz shovel has finally found the only way to not just reduce back pain, but help eliminate it by abolishing the need to bend over while shoveling snow or mopping floors. Our spirited and determined leap forward with a truly ergonomic approach has changed everything! Think about it. Thanks to NoBenz you can now laugh at the dreaded misery of shoveling snow and mopping floors once and for all!

NoBendz Gives Foundation

Peter Z’s Company has another equally important mission. We are completely devoted to assisting all of those who may need a helping hand by donating 10% of our company’s net profits to assist the less fortunate among us who may be disabled, destitute or just down on their luck, through our NoBendz Gives Foundation. The foundation is an equally significant part of our mission of trying to make all lives happier, easier and better. Our goal is to make a positive impact on all communities everywhere, not just where we live and work. Every time you purchase a NoBendz product, you can know you’re aiding someone to live a more joyful life. Always helping others – that’s what it’s all about.