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After you finish shoveling, you just may want to go dancing! 

Z's NoBendz Snow Shovel Dimensions: 

Minimum length of complete Z's NoBendz Snow Shovel – 52 3/4"
Maximum length of complete Z's NoBendz Snow Shovel – 55"
Length of NoBendz Handle (with foam grip for comfortable grasp) - 18 3/4"
(NoBendz Snow Shovel adjusts in length to fit the user’s height)

Overall shovel weight including wear strip – 5.2 pounds
Overall shovel weight not including wear strip – 5.0 pounds

Ergonomic D-Grip height – 7 3/8"
Ergonomic D-Grip outside width – 5 3/4"
Ergonomic D-Grip inside opening width – 4 3/4" 

Scoop blade width – 18"
Scoop blade height – 13 1/2" 

The snow shoveling solution you’ve been searching for is finally here.  Say good-bye to back pain forever!  Shovel snow while always standing completely upright and never have to bend over again!