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Video from a spinal cancer survivor on what NoBendz has done for him.

Video from a 60 year old woman with her NoBendz in a foot of snow.

"I used to hate shoveling my driveway and sidewalks but that all changed when I bought my NoBendz Snow Shovel. My back doesn’t hurt now and I get it done quicker!"

-Paul A.
"It’s hard to get excited over shoveling snow but this snow shovel makes it so much easier - it’s almost effortless. I get the work done in a fraction of the time and when I'm finished, I feel great." 
-Landon R.
"Why did no one think about this before? The design is so cool! Ever since I got my NoBendz Snow Shovel, I actually look forward to clearing the walks and the driveway. I’ll never use another snow shovel again."
-Amy P.